Therapist: Dashboard Overview

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The Therapist dashboard is your hub to complete all of your Therachat activities. Your dashboard can be accessed via the Therachat app or the Desktop platform.

Main Dashboard

Your main dashboard has several components for a quick overview to simplify your day!

Recently added clients 

See your recently added clients. You can see their name, photo, number of assigned activities, and when they were added.

Activities coming due 

See which activities are reaching their required due date. You can also send reminders here by clicking the "Send reminder" button to help your clients in completing the activity on time.

Recently sent activities 

See recently sent activities along with what client they were sent to and the date. If you are reaching the due date for the activity you can also send your clients a helpful reminder by clicking the "Send reminder" button.


At the bottom of your dashboard you will see helpful, encouraging, and motivational quotes to keep you going.

Therachat Pop-Out Menu

Here you can select several different niche views such as; clients, activities, intake, my account, or support.

i  (information) Icon

You can use the i icon to toggle the display of your pop-out menu.


Overview of all of your clients on the Therachat platform. From here you can manage clients, add clients, send invitations, or view your client activities and progress.


Here you can view the activities you have uploaded, Therachat's default activities, activities you have sent out to clients, and review activities that are coming due.

My Account 

Access your account details and make changes to your information.


See our support options including contact information and FAQs so you can get the assistance you need.

Personal Health Information (PHI)

Toggle on and off displaying your clients' personal health information in accordance with HIPAA. To learn more - please see this article.

Search Function

Therachat comes with an intuitive search function that reacts as you type. Simply start typing the name of a client, activity, or tag to find what you need quickly.


Therachat will let you know new features, completed activities, new clients added, and many more.
If the bell has a red icon that means you have messages! The red icon will disappear once you have read all of the incoming notifications.

My Account

You can access your account in the left menu pop-out bar or by clicking your photo icon in the top right-hand corner.

Here you can update your information or change data as you need.

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